Student Council

President & Vice-Presidents For 2014-2015 are:

Beth Cholock; Alex Bonaparte and Ian Farrell


Student Council Guidelines

The objective of student council is to foster and encourage school participation and involvement. Our goal is to help shape an atmosphere where students feel safe, welcome and comfortable to be themselves.

 Student Council is comprised of two groups:

  • An executive
  1. Co-President         (Grade 12)
  2. Co-President         (Grade 12)
  3. Treasurer               (Grade 11)
  4. Secretary               (Grade 10)
  • Class Reps from Grades 6-12


  • The executive will be decided by a ballot vote from the students from Grades 7-12
  • In the case of multiple nominations, there will be speeches that the student body will hear.
  • After the speeches are heard, the students will vote and the votes cast will be tallied by the staff student council representatives (Clarke and Sawlor) and the successful nominees will be announced.
  • Class reps will be decided by their respective grades.


  • Student Council Executive will meet tentatively every week.
  • Student Council will meet tentatively every other week.

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