Principal: Theresa MacNeil –

Vice Principal– Math 5/6 : Elizabeth MacNeil –

Secretary/Library Services: Joanie MacNeil –

Grade Primary/One: Janel Hollohan – 

Grade Two/Three: Dave Currie –

Grade Three/Four: Erin MacPhee –

Core Gaelic  4-9/English Language Arts 5/6: Dawn MacDonald-Gillis – 

French 4-12/Healthy Living 7-9: Erin Thompson

English 8-12; Social Studies 7, 8: Stephen Hollohan –

Math 10&11&12/ Science 9/ PreCal 12: Jamie Clarke –

Math 8&9/ Science 10/ Physics 11&12 : Scott Sawlor –

Phys Ed P-12./Citizenship 9/ Math 10 : Brian Tierney

Music P-9/Gaelic 10-12/English 7: Meaghan O’Handley –

Science 7-8/Multimedia 12/Global 12/P/1 Math: Pius MacNeil –

O2 Program: Charlene Ellis –

Learning Centre/Behavioural Support: Monique LeBlanc –

Mi’kmaq Language & Cultural Support: Kylie Cabot –

Guidance: Vince Nicholson –

Resource: Meghan Lynch Briand –

Art: Glen Finney –


Pre Primary: 

Tanya Corkum –

Joy Boutilier

Teacher Assistants:

Glenda MacNeil          Marguerite MacNeil
Juanita MacKinnon    Carmen Townsend       Maggie Wukitsch

Maintenance: Russell Guthro

Cleaning Staff:

Sadie MacNeil                Murdena MacNeil

Bus Drivers:

Bernie MacMullin     

Lori MacKenzie

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