Exam Schedule Winter 2021

Welcome Back! January 11, 2021

We hope you all had a restful and healthy holiday season.  Here are a few tidbits of information that we hope is helpful.

  • Two new masks were provided to students today. They do not have their names on them this time. Just a reminder that masks are mandatory on the school bus and need to be worn over the nose.
  • The Breakfast Program and the Milk Program and Afterschool Gaelic began as usual today.  If you would like to have your child start receiving milk please see the attached notice.
  • There are hoodies still available at the school in various sizes and they can be purchased through School Cash Online ($40).
  • It is now officially winter with the ground being messy and the wind cold on the playground. Please be sure that your child comes with a winter jacket, a hat, mittens and snow pants as needed.
  • We are working to get floor mats in the classrooms for students’ boots from Gr 7-12. It is important that students have their indoor shoes to wear throughout the building and when in the gym.
  • Valentine’s Day is an important event especially among the elementary students. This year we are providing students with valentines here at school so we can limit the handling of the valentines both at home and at school. Valentines can only be shared within the classroom.This is of course an effort to support COVID protocols. Please do not send in anything extra beyond what the teachers do in the classroom for this event. 
  • REMINDER – Please check your child’s planner every evening (P-6). Student Chromebooks should come to school charged every day.

Happy New Year to you all!

Thanks to Darby’s, our students are enjoying free pizza on Friday. We have already talked to each student and collected the orders. Check with your child  to see if they wanted and ordered pizza. If they are not a pizza eater send them with a lunch as usual. Remember the list of activities happening this week that was sent home on Friday and have a safe and happy holiday!

Christmas Ticket Fundraiser

Annual Christmas Draw sponsored by Rankin School of the Narrows Home and School Group

Prizes include: a Christmas turkey, beautiful floral Christmas candle centerpiece, awesome gift cards from local businesses and a few surprises…… A wonderful prize package, not to be missed! $1.00 per ticket. Draw date December 18.

Tickets available at: The Little Dipper and RCL BR 124, Iona. Beaver Cove Take Out, Beaver Cove and Darby’s Old Church Kitchen, McKinnons Harbour or by contacting Juanita MacNeil 902-623-1685 or Liz MacNeil 902-295-8483. E-transfers are accepted.

Our group is dedicated to raising funds for student activities, playground equipment and scholarships. We look forward to your support. Thank you and Happy Holidays!