Late Assignment Policy

Late Assignments and Missed Test Policy

Organization and planning, time management, work ethic and responsibility are all components of school and the world of work. Students need to learn and practice these skills in their everyday life and in their school work.

The staff at Rankin has developed a Late Assignment Policy in an effort to support students in implementing and practicing these skills. This policy will affect students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 and begins on Monday, February 4, 2013.

 Assignments and projects in all classes will be given a firm due date that will be recorded on the outline for the assignment or project by the classroom teacher.

Students absent on the day assignments or projects are given out are required, as before, to get missed work from the teacher the next class.

  • Assignments and projects are expected in on the due date.
  • Late assignments and projects will have 10% per day deducted up to five days late.
  • After five days, an assignment or project will be accepted and marked with 50% deducted- it will not be reduced any further.
  • After ten days, the assignment or project will not be accepted and the student will receive a zero for the mark.


Students handing in assignments or projects because of a Special Circumstance absences according to our provincial attendance policy will not be penalized under this policy.

If a student is not in school because of an Excused Absence on the day an assignment is due the parent will be called and made aware that an assignment is due and expected the next class.

Unexcused absences on days an assignment is due will cause the Late Policy Process to begin.

Missed Tests/Presentations

Missed tests must be written the next day when the student has that class.

If a student misses two tests in the same course without a Special Circumstance Absence the teacher will have a conversation regarding missed tests with the student and/ or parent/guardian.

A third missed test in the same course will not be permitted to be written and will result in a mark of zero.

Missed presentations of any nature must be completed the next class the student is in school.

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