Home & School

The Rankin School of the Narrows Home and School group meet 4 times a year at the school, meeting times vary, please reach out to any member of the below executive for an update.

H&S provides support to the school and students by providing scholastic bursaries, student sponsorships for extracurricular activities and educational trips. We also provide the luncheon following graduation for the grade 12 students each year. We are pleased to be able to assist with funds for playground updates as well
Our annual major fundraiser is a Christmas Basket, which we fill and sell tickets on. Please reach out to a student to purchase tickets and we welcome any donations to our basket, they can be dropped off at the school.
We would like to extend a warm welcome to parents to join Home & School. Juanita MacNeil – Chair,623-1685; Alison MacNeil-Secretary,577-3882; Liz MacNeil – Treasurer,295-8483. Thank you.

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