Grade 8

Welcome to Grade 8!

Home Room Teacher: Scott Sawlor

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Middle School (6-8) Supplies List 2015-2016

5– 1-1&1/2 inch binders (Social Studies, Science, Health, Music Gaelic/French)* 2 – 2 inch binders (English & Math)
1 pk dividers (English)
5 – Duotangs

A Novel of Choice (English) Pencils
Pens (Blue and Black) Erasers

Math Set
Scientific Calculator
(*regular calculators are acceptable for Grade 6 students)
Looseleaf Paper (a good supply)
Graph Paper
Colored Pencils
Post It Notes
2 Black permanent markers
Lock (optional * teacher must have extra key or combination)
French dictionary (*for home use)
Appropriate Gym Clothes: Shorts, T-Shirts and non marking soled running shoes

*Some students choose to have one binder, this often leads to disorganization and lost papers/work as things get mixed in with other courses. We suggest individual binders for each of the subjects listed above. The binders are to be stored in their lockers along with text books unless needed for class or homework.

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