Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7!

Home Room Teacher: Meaghan O’Handley


Contact the teachers:

School Supplies List 2020-21

Pencils (lots of pencils and then more pencils!)

1 pk of pens



4 Packages of loose leaf

1 Package of graph paper


Pencil Crayons




Highlighters (4 different colours)

1 pk Post-It notes

Pencil case/kit

Indoor sneakers

Deodorant (Phys. Ed)

Reusable water bottle

1 large coiled scribbler with pockets (Math)

2 inch binder for English Language Arts

2 pk of dividers

1 novel of choice

Cue cards

Math kit

*Binders will be needed for other subjects. Students can choose to use 1 big binder shared between subjects using dividers, except for English and Math or they can use 1 inch binders for each subject. (Science, Health, Social Studies, French/Gaelic, Music)

*Some students choose to have one binder, this often leads to disorganization and lost papers/work as things get mixed in with other courses. We suggest individual binders for each of the subjects listed above. The binders are to be stored in their lockers along with text books unless needed for class or homework.

Remember that many of these things can be readily found at the various Dollar Stores (see *).

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