Grade 5/6

Welcome to Grade 5/6!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we prepare for this new school year, please keep in mind that students will need to have their own supplies. There will be no sharing of items including pencils, erasers and sharpeners; as per public health guidelines.

It is recommended that they only bring what is necessary to school. We ask they have one larger binder with dividers/tabs and looseleaf for their subjects, instead of a number of smaller binders.

Students will be required to wear masks on the bus and at school at least to begin the year  changes May come as public health protocols change

School Supplies List 2020-21: 


Indoor sneakers (non-marking soles)

Deodorant (Phys. Ed)

Reusable water bottle

1 large binder


Looseleaf ( put some in your binder and leave the rest at home until needed)

1 package of graph paper (put some in your binder and leave the rest at home until needed)

Pencils (*sharpener if needed)




Ruler & Protractor

1 coiled scribbler

Pencil case

Art Supplies (I recommend that students only bring a small package of markers/pencil crayons/etc that will fit in their pencil case. Larger packages will take up more room in their bags.)

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