Gaelic Program

Core Gaelic Program Outline: core-gaelic

Tagradh Prógram ’na Phrìomh-chuspair na Gàidhlig ann a’ Sgoil Mhic Fhraing a’Chaolais

The Sgoil Mhic Fhraing a’ Chaolais Core Gaelic Program will enhance Gaelic language instruction and create Gaelic speaking environments for students in all grade levels of our school.

Our Gaelic program begins in Grade Primary and is introduced through the health and social studies curriculums for our lower elementary students (Primary – Grade three). In Grade four, our students are given the option of choosing Core Gaelic language or Core French. They will continue this program track through the rest of their school career. The Core program lasts until the end of grade nine and the high school program offers language courses for grades ten to twelve.


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