Back to School Notice

The following notice was sent home with students this week and contains important information and dates.


IF YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO BE ABSENT FROM SCHOOL  – Please call the school (902-725-2210) before 9am and leave a message with your name, the students name and the reason for the absence.

ATTENDANCE – Regular attendance at school is a major component of student success.Students are expected to attend. Exam exemptions are available for students grades 9-12 with attendance records that meet the policy guidelines.

CONTACT INFORMATION – It is very important that we can reach parents and guardians. Please be sure we have the most up to date addresses and phone numbers here at the school. 

MESSAGING SYSTEM- The CBVRCE uses a messaging system to communicate with students and parents. We need accurate telephone numbers and email addresses for this to work effectively. As a school we have found this method of communication – receiving a text or email to be very effective.

BREAKFAST PROGRAM – Each morning we have free breakfast available to all. Yogurt, milk, cereal, bagels, toast and a special treat on Wednesdays is Grilled Cheese!

CASH ONLINE – You are able to purchase/pay for school items online such as cutlery, milk cards and student fees.. Log into …

MILK – We have milk for purchase. White milk is 40 cents and on Tuesday chocolate milk is available for $1.You can purchase a milk card for $13 to avoid sending money everyday. Please buy this online at SCHOOL CASH Online or send in the money clearly labelled  with the students name and what you are buying.

CANTEEN – We usually have baked snacks- chips at the canteen for purchase of $1 each. We do not encourage this for any student on a daily basis but more as a treat.

PLASTIC RANKIN CUTLERY – We do not have cutlery for students to use with their lunch. One option is for you to purchase a plastic cutlery set for $5 that we had customized for our school. The students name can be written on this and you can send it back and forth without losing your kitchen forks and spoons!

BUS TRAVEL – Students must travel on the bus to which they are assigned. Birthday party travel etc. is not permitted.

STUDENT FEES – Students fees help us pay for items that we supply to students that are not paid for through our regular budget. Such items may be guest speakers, bus costs etc. Student Fees are $30 per student per year. Two students or more in one family is $60. Fees are due October 30, 2019

SPORTS FEES – Students participating in school sports (GR 6-12) such as soccer, cross country, badminton, and track are required to pay a $20 fee up to a maximum of $50 in one year. This fee is due at the time the sport begins.

LEAVING THE PROPERTY – Students grade 7-8 are not permitted to leave the property. Students grade 9-12 may due so as long as the bell schedule is followed.

Parent/Student Portal – Parents and students grades 4-12 will be provided with access to the Portal where student attendance information and some academic information will be available. Specific information will follow.

SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS – We are very fortunate to have many support staff both in our building on a regular basis  and visiting our school on scheduled days. Some of those support people include:

Resource, Guidance, Teen Health Nurse, Visiting Doctor, Caperbase Outreach.

Important Dates Coming Up

Picture Day Sept. 19

PD DAY No School for Students Sept.25

Terry Fox School Walk   Sept. 26

Orange Day T Shirt Day- Every Child Matters Sept. 30

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