Soccer Schedule

Girls Soccer: 1-5-1                    Boys Soccer: 0-5-1 

Sept. 9th: Rankin @ NDA                   Girls: tie            Boys: loss

Sept. 18th: Rankin @ Baddeck          Girls: loss          Boys: loss

Sept. 22nd: EBP @ Rankin                 Girls: loss         Boys: tie

Sept. 25th: Rankin @CBHA              Girls: loss           Boys: loss

Sept. 28th: Baddeck @ Rankin         Girls: loss           Boys:  loss

Sept. 30th: Cabot @ Rankin

Oct. 2nd: Rankin @ Cabot              Girls: Loss            Boys: Loss

Oct. 6th: INV @ Rankin                  Girls: 6-1 Win

Oct. 16th: Playoffs Begin

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