Home and School needs your help………..

We are a small group of parents who meet a few times a year to address various issues in our school. We have one major, annual fundraiser and gratefully accept donations. We are so pleased to be able to offer a monthly hot lunch program again, through the hard work and co-operation of Margaret Ann MacInnis. Thank you so much Margaret Ann and your group of volunteers, help is always appreciated.

Home and School provides the reception following graduation with the help of parents who donate their time and culinary abilities. Home and School also provides a monetary gift to graduates who qualify for scholastic

awards. Home and School provides sponsorships to students who are attending extra-curricular

events, school sponsored and otherwise. To meet these needs, Rankin Home & School Association is asking your support with its only major, annual fundraiser. …….Our Christmas Gift basket.

We ask the students from P-12 to sell tickets and we ask the parents and guardians to donate items for the basket.

If you can donate something to the basket, please send it to school. Suggestions include but are not limited to ….candy, gift cards, chocolate, home décor items, Christmas decorations, dry goods for the Christmas pantry, mittens, etc. All revenue, generated through ticket sales, goes directly into our school and benefits all students. In an effort to help ensure our fundraiser is a success, please consider donating an item to our Christmas Basket.

Thank you, Rankin Home & School Association.

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