Oidhche nam Bòcan/Night of the Spooks @ Highland Village

A number of our students will be participating in the “Oidhche nam Bòcan/Night of the Spooks” that is happening this week at the Highland Village Museum.  Their participation will be in various forms from speaking roles in skits to being a Bòcan.  Come out for a fun evening at the Highland Village.  Here is more information on the event from the Highland Village website, https://highlandvillage.novascotia.ca

Come and celebrate Halloween with a special evening tour of the Highland Village by lamplight, complete with storytelling, skits and special effects. The tour is followed by a storytelling session in “The Tuning Room” with fuarag, oatcakes and more. This is a family activity enjoyed by all. Prepaid reservations are required. No refunds or discounts. Cost $12 per adult, $28 per family, or $5 per student. Call a 1-902-725-2272 for tickets. (7-9 pm each evening)

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